February 13, 2010

God's Chocolate Heart

Valentines day is approaching. A day to tell our loved ones "I love You"...and how do we do this...with chocolate. How did I feel love...with chocolate, with food. When I wanted the hug, food hugged me. It hugged every part of me, so I couldn't even feel what I was originally feeling. It took the sting of pain away....but only for a split second. In that first bite, and then the second...and it doesn't end there,  because food can never love me like I needed to be love.
God also  sends us a valentine, to tell us that "I Love You". It doesn't come wrapped in a gold wrapper, it comes in a manger.  An innocent little baby who grows up to tell us to "Come"....to Him....when we are weary and heavy laden". Do I "come" to Jesus when I am weary...or do choose that heart shaped chocolate?
This Valentine's day, embrace the gift of love that is all wrapped up in Jesus. Ask Him to feed your heart.

February 12, 2010

"Food Hugs Me"

January 13, 2010

Welcome to a Life of Freedom

Here I sit four years after writing "Weightless...". What a journey I have been on. I have been free from the food stronghold of bulimia and compulsive overeating...numbing my emotions with food....for over 10 years...a place where I never could image that I would be. In the midst of those years (over 20 of diets, and 14 of bulimia), I thought that was the way it was going to be for the rest of my life...which really would have been the death of me. I was not only slowly killing my physical body, but I was killing my spirit. It truly is a miracle that I am alive today to share my story, my story of pain, and how I believed that food and the perfect pant size or number on the scale was the key to happiness. I was living a lie.
Today, I have found the key...the key to joy, freedom, inner peace, comfort...or should I say that the key found me. The day I screamed out to the Lord to make himself real to me was the day He entered my heart and began to piece me back together..."peace by peace".

To you....who just happened to click on this blog....I pray for you, and want to tell you that you will be free of whatever food stronghold you may have...whether it is anorexia, bulimia, or compulsive overeating. Believe me that it is not who you are, even though it may be consuming your every minute. I walked that walked, and weary I became. Boy do I wish that road was shorter. The best part of my battle was that it lead me to my Lord, and I pray that you too will meet the key, to unlock the door of the bondage that you are in.

I will be going through my workbook, day by day, on this blog. I will be just writing what the Lord reveals to me as I go through this book with you. This book is the Lords. He is the one who wrote it and He is the one who I pray will use me to encourage you on your walk.

So lets begin....

Excerpt from "Weightless-Flying Free"

" I was a mess, I was lost. I thought I found my salvation in food, a weight, a clothes size… while trying to achieve the unattainable goal of perfection in my life…led me into bondage.
What began as a poor body image only led me to bondage…a bondage to diets, food, and worse of all 14 years of bulimia...14 years too many.
~But today, I am a living miracle of God. If it wasn’t for the love and the grace of God, I would be another statistic. Until I stepped out in faith and asked the Lord Jesus to come into my life and to save my from myself, I was going down the wrong path…."

My prayer for you...that you too will find your hope and freedom in the Lord.